Kite surfing instructor course Zanzibar: what equipment will you need?

Posted on Fri September 24, 2021.

You will need to bring your own kite equipment to participate in LiQUiD LiFE’s kite surf instructor academy.

We recommend a set consisting of: 1x harness, 1x board, 1x bar and minimum 2 kites (please contact us beforehand so we can consult with you on the best kite sizes for Zanzibar)

If you do not have your own gear we can discuss purchase options of new or used gear in Zanzibar or advise you on where to check out gear in your home country.

Expected costs of used gear: harness ($80), board ($300), bar ($200) kite ($500 per kite) — Total around: $1500
Expected cost of new gear: harness ($150), board ($700), bar ($500), kite ($1200 per Kite) — Total around $3700

We recommend to book gear insurance from the VDWS (from 40$ / year), includes 3rd party liability

There is the option to rent gear for the entire period, however we highly recommend bringing your own set of gear as it is a great investment in the future and rental can be expensive.