We try and remember to give back to Paje and the island. After all, it has given us so much!

LiQUID LiFE has many partnerships with local organisations. Without the help of the community, Zanzibar would not be able to play host to the kite surf and dive instructor course that we offer. One of the partners we work particularly closely with is the Zanzibar Sports Academy - a local NGO. Through our partnership, we work to provide an income for schools and families in Paje and the immediate environment.

During both our kite surf and dive master instructor courses, volunteering will be a part of the LiQUiD LiFE programme. Depending on what is most needful for the community, this could involve helping with building works, supplying meals for the community or in basic English language teaching. We have found that this is an incredible opportunity to learn more about Zanzibar and the culture and local industries here.

(It is also a great chance to learn about the often well-hidden local food spots. And believe us when we say it, the Tanzanians can cook!)