Kite surf - IKO instructor

From basic kite control to mastering jumps and wave riding with a kite, the IKO kite surf instructor course will teach you all the skills necessary for you to qualify as an instructor.

You'll start by learning basic set-up and safety precautions before moving onto kite control out of and in the water. Then you'll add in a board and learn to ride down wind, followed by upwind. Keep practicing and get ready for the most exciting parts: directional riding, jumps and your first tricks.

At the same time, we will also make sure that your teaching skills are up to IKO standard. Last but not least, you will learn about a kite surf instructor's day-to-day, effective kite management and the fast-moving world of second-hand kite sales. After our three month course, you'll know everything you may need for a career as a kite surf instructor.

After a fun day in the water chill out at Oceans, drink a cold Savanna with the rest of the team and celebrate another beautiful day in paradise.

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3 Month Kite Surf Instructor training programme and accommodation at LiQUiD LiFE: